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Grade Village, a single real estate opportunity

Situated among a group of islands in the wind (Barlavento), S. Nicolau is an island of the Cape Verde archipelago of 343 km². City Tarrafal, southwest of the island has a port connecting the island of S. Vicente and Sal Island Santiago Island.

The authenticity of this island, its varied landscapes and trails, unique flora with his dragon trees, its abundant sea life and hospitality and kindness of the people of the island: everything contributes to spend a pleasant stay throughout the year.

Near the town of Tarrafal, along the sandy beach, GRADE VILLAGE offers you an independant villa respecting the architectural spirit of Cape Verde.

The various villas, single storey or duplex, 2 to 4 bedrooms designed with a spacious living room, a kitchen or not, provide living spaces with an extended private garden.

Our company is responsible, if you desire, for the renting and assure you the full service.